Week 2 Discussion: Introduction to Tables

Nice to meet you! This week we will be touching on topics that you have discussed in lecture, namely python programming and tables. We won’t go too much into detail this week yet. This discussion worksheet functions as a way to introduce you to a high-level understanding of what you will be able to do rather than how. Your data science skillset that we are equipping you with and that you are expanding every week will be going more in depth into the how.


Please make sure to double or even triple check that you have access to everything. Without access to the correct resources, you won’t be able to do all the assignments. It is your responsibility to make sure everything works and to reach out, if there are any technical issues.

Corresponding Readings

Those readings are not required or necessary. However, if you feel that you want to brush up before coming to section or feel iffy about certain topics after discussion, you are encouraged to go through the readings.