• [UC Berkeley] M.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Expected May 2022)
  • [UC Berkeley] B.A. in Computer Science. Graduated with Distinction. (May 2021)


Below here you can find a selection of relevant classes:

AI/ML/CV: Data Sciences (Data 8, 100), Artificial Intelligence (CS188), Machine Learning (CS189), Deep Learning (CS182), Full-Stack Deep Learning (CS194-80), Computer Vision & Computational Photography (CS194-26)

Other Computer Science: Computational Structures (CS88+CS47A equivalent to CS61A), Data Structures (CS61B), Computer Architecture (CS61C), Discrete Mathematics and Probability (CS70), Efficient Algorithms (CS170), Designing Information Systems (EE16B)

Mathematics and Statistics: Probability for Data Science (STAT140), Linear Algebra (MATH54)


  • Business: Data and Business (UGBA 96), Future of Industry/Innovation (INDENG 190)
  • Ethics: Data Ethics (DATA 104), Science Technology Society (HIST182A)
  • Biology: Introductory Biology (Biology 1AB), Genetics (MCB140)
  • Chemistry: Introductory Chemistry (CHEM1A/L), Organic Chemistry (CHEM3A/L)


Teaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Berkeley.

  • Data 8: Data Science
    • Jan 2019 - May 2021 (6 terms)
  • CS61BL: Data Structures
    • Summer 2020 (1 term)

Research Experience

  • Berkeley RISE (Sep 2020 - Present): Deep Learning Research under Dr. Gonzalez
    • Explainability of Deep Learning Models in Medical Imaging
  • UCSF (Dec 2019 - Present): Bioinformatics Research under Dr. Hong
    • Machine-Learning Based Approach to the Risk Assesment of Outpatient Cancer Related Emergency Admissions and Hospitalizations pre-print coming soon
  • Whiteman Laboratory (Jun 2018 - Jan 2020): Biology Research under Dr. Whiteman and Dr. Matsunaga

Professional Experience

  • Monday.com (Fall 2020): ML Consultant
    • Creating Machine Learning Pipeline to Automate Marketing Strategy
    • Data-Driven Recommendations for User Retainment
  • PayPal (Fall 2019): Data Science Consultant
    • Data Analysis (NLP) to Improve Employee Engagement
    • Data Engineering for Development of Dashboards

Please let me know if you want to know more about my responsibilities at those companies.


Projects (Outdated)

Computer Vision Projects

Feel free to browse through my Computer Vision Portfolio

Personal Projects

  • Project Vejovis: Corona Forecasting
  • Restaurant Manager: Online Reservation Tool used by my parents for their restaurant (around 400 person max capacity)
  • MRI Alzheimers: Using Neural Networks to predict MRI severity

Other Class Projects

Unfortunately, I cannot publish the source code for academic projects on the internet. If interested in learning more, please contact me.

Abbreviations: ML Machine Learning - AI Artificial Intelligence - SWE Software Engineering and Optimization

  • [ML] Data Cleaning and Pandas Online Course (CS189)
  • [ML] PyTorch/Tensorflow Course Online Course (CS189)
  • [ML] Handwritten Digit Classifier (CS188)
  • [AI] Reinforcement Learning (CS188)
  • [SWE] Optimization Project (CS170)
  • [SWE] GitLet (CS61BL)
  • [SWE] BearMaps (CS61BL)
  • [SWE] Mandelbrot (CS61C)
  • [ML] Uber Ride Share Data Analysis (DATA 100)
  • [ML] Spam Classifier (DATA 100)
  • [NLP] Trump Tweet Analysis (DATA 100)