Hello, my name is Kevin Miao, an M.S. student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (‘22) under Dr. J. E. Gonzalez. I am a member of the Berkeley RISE Lab. I am interested in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and XAI. More specifically, I am looking into the challenges related to (the lack of) explainability and transparency in current state-of-the-art deep neural frameworks. What modifications and guard rails do we implement to ensure the safe integration of these models within larger systems?

Previously I was a member of the UCSF: Hong Lab. I worked on developing and researching the use of Machine Learning in precision medicine. The abstract of my work here will be published soon enough.

In addition to research, I also enjoy giving back to the community! During my undergrad, I have had to great opportunity to be be part of course staff of Data Science/Computer Science classes at Berkeley (Data 8 and CS61BL) as a student-instructor for multiple semesters. I have also served as a project manager for the Data Science Society at Berkeley, where I mentored students.

I am always open to chat. Shoot me an email, my email address: [].

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