Data 8

Spring 2021

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Week 12: Linear Regression

Slowly, we are moving into the modeling domain. Everything we do contain certain assumptions. A model is basically a world in which we impose certain assumpt...

Week 11: Sample Means

There are some interesting properties to collecting the means of bootstrapped samples. CLT states that the distribution of sample means is normal. This is a ...

Week 9: AB-Testing

Congratulations, you all! 🙌 You completed the midterm. Grades will be released together with the midsemester grade report. Please note that discussion attend...

Week 7: Hypothesis Testing

We will slowly be transitioning into the statistical inference part of the class. How do we make decision based on data and uncertainty? We will start formal...

Week 6: Control Flow and Iteration

In lecture, professor Ayazifar taught you about control flow and iteration, well known as conditionals/if-statements and for loops. Conditionals allow us to ...

Week 2 Lab: Table Operations

Tables are the most important data structure within Data Science. Databases, our conceptions of data revolve about this notion that data consist of individua...