Tutoring - Week 10

Yes! You all finished the midterm. πŸŽ‰ Less than half of a semester remaining! Please feel free to let me know if you want to check-in with me about anything ranging from choosing classes for next semester, major/career questions and obviously conceptual/assignment questions. I understand that it is tough to get advice in college, especially during this pandemic where remote learning seems to be the norm.

This week we will be going over bootstrapping and confidence intervals. Through these methods we will be able to conduct more robust inferences than just taking empirical estimates from a single sample. We will be using the power of the randomness present within our single sample to infer the properties of the underlying population along with its parameters. Confidence intervals allow us to pinpoint certain intervals and say something about how sure we are about it. This works particularly well if our requirements are met (large sample, large number of resamples, normally distributed test statistic, not estimating outliers). With this all in mind, we are equipping you with the tools for the Central Limit Theorem, another even more specific theorem broadly used in statistics.

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