Data 8

Fall 2020

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Tutoring - Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you will take this time to rest a little bit and get some time to spend with family. Stay safe. We won’t be meeting this week. How...

Tutoring - Week 13

We are entering the last strecth. We have approximately 2.5 weeks of classes left before dead week. The last part of Data 8 will be covering a quick helicopt...

Tutoring - Week 12

This week will mainly focus as an advancement of the topics that we touched on last week. Specifically, during tutoring, we will be going over the calculatio...

Tutoring - Week 11

Don’t forget to vote 🇺🇸 everyone! This week we will have a lot of topics to cover ranging from mean/median, variability, SDs & curves, the Central Limit ...

Tutoring - Week 10

Yes! You all finished the midterm. 🎉 Less than half of a semester remaining! Please feel free to let me know if you want to check-in with me about anything r...

Tutoring - Midterm Review

Please make sure to complete the form emailed to you. We will be going over all the topics that have been covered so far (excluding A/B testing).

Tutoring - Week 7

We have finally wrapped up the coding section, so we will be transitioning into the modeling/statistics part of the class. The resources for this week:

Tutoring - Week 6

This week, we will be going over conditionals and iteration. These two tools are considered as control flow and help you organize your code and allow for dif...

Tutoring - Week 5

This week, we will be covering histograms again and try to get a little bit more practice with respect to that. We will also be covering functions. Specifica...

Tutoring - Week 4

Last week, we quickly covered basic Python Syntax. Now we are getting more into the weeds of programming, we are slowly getting more and more equipped with t...

Tutoring - Week 3

This week, we will be covering data types, sequences and functions. It will be pretty straight forward and is just a quick/general review of what we covered ...